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About Us

The Centre is led by the arm of the Beijing Science Education Group DSI Henglian Educational Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Normal University Continuing Education and teacher training colleges set up jointly by the University of Cambridge International Examinations University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) authorization (registration No.: CN481), specialized in the Cambridge a Level examinations with IGCICE full-time teaching and educational institutions.

"Center" was first established, Beijing Normal University, got the support of leaders at all levels. "Center" fully rely on the Beijing Normal University in the field of education a good reputation and excellent conditions for running schools, learn linke education in Shanghai and Guangzhou successful educational experience, with a wealth of international experience in project management education management team, outstanding foreign professional teachers and the Chinese team composed of teachers teaching, integration of Western education in essence, is aspiring to enter the world-class university students studying in China to provide "authoritative, safe, economical and effective," the channel.

Central vision: to develop "the backbone of the Chinese nation, the international messenger of peace"

Educational philosophy: educating people to teach, happy learning; their potential, the pursuit of excellence; Chinese feelings, international perspective;

Training objectives: to make all students to become "There are qualities, courage to innovate; capable, ready to express; confident, dare leadership" talent.

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